MEN .30 Carbine tie clip

I found this at a flea market this morning.

Headstamp is: MEN 70 .30 CARB.

It is made from a once-fired case (extractor makrs visible) and empty GMCS bullet jacket. The primer has been replaced with a dummy primer to look make the round unfired. The clip is also brass and is soldered onto the case. The whole round has also been polished and coated with clear lacquer.

It came in a small black false-leather box in the same style that cheap jewellery would be sold in.

I know it is unlikely, but could this be an item supplied to MEN factory employees?

Sorry for the poor quality photo.

It is not impossible that this tie clip was made as a “gift” to employees at MEN, but it is just as likely that if made by MEN at all, and it could have been, that it was a giveaway for trade shows or for the reps to give to retail dealers. I have a couple of dresser drawers full of give-away advertising items (tie clips, belt buckles, ball-point pens with company names on them, cloth brassards (the bulk of the collection), lapel pins and the like. It is a big collection and the best part of it is that 95% of it was free. Once in awhile, I would buy a patch (brassard) I didn’t have at a gun show or cartridge show, but my basic criteria for the collection was it had to be free!

It could also be “after-market” made by a novelty company that happened to get hold of a lot of MEN .30 Carbine Brass, of course.

My (very subjective) view of the mentality of my fellow countrymen feels that a gift for MEN employees is very improbable.

Thanks for the replies.

Perhaps this was made in China as they seem to buy a lot of the worlds’s scrap metal.