MEN cartridge 9x19 AP Armor Piercing

I have some cartridges like the one in the photo in my collection. They are 9x19, manufactured by MEN. They appear to have a steel insert as a core. But I can’t find any more details about them. If anyone can help, I will be grateful.

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What is the headstamp on the cases?

Just “MEN 9x19”

MEN police bullet types QD (Quick Defence) and its variants have “spheres” in the nose of the bullet, but these are significantly larger than those shown in your photo. QD are deformation bullets.

The MEN AP bullets I know look like an ordinary FMJ on the outside, because a flat cone is the typical MEN point shape of the AP core, not a sphere. Spheres are rarely, if at all, used in modern AP point shapes. I doubt these are AP bullets.

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This is a PPI armor piercing load made by Anthéna in France, not MEN. They used new primed empty cases provided by this German company.

Please, can you post better pictures of the cartridge and headstamp?



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Fede, where are you from?

I’m from Argentina.

I´m from Brazil.
Thank you for your attention.
I will make better pictures of the cartridge and send it here.


Paulo Bedran

Here is a drawing of the same basic design made by Caracal in UAE:


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Here’s a sectioned one:

9x19 AP

The core reminds me of nothing more than that used for a tool bit.



Beautiful work Paul, thanks for sharing.

I took some pictures.


So, can I consider that this cartridge was assembled by a French company called Anthéna?

Paul - do you recall what the complete headstamp of the sectioned one you made? Was it also simply “MEN 9 x 19”?

John M.



Hi John,

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned it in the first place.

It was MEN 9x19.


Thank you

Does anyone know what PPI means?

PPI- Projectile a Profil Intermediaire

Page from a SFM brochure, 1987

PPI G2 Model for Civilian Sport Competition

“PPI is a French design by SFM / Anthena. This is their G2 model which is intended for civilian sport competition and is based on their AP2 super armor piercing design. Difference between G2 & AP2 is the AP is hardened steel core, while G2 is Zinc NON-armor piercing core. What’s unique about the SFM design is that they intentionally set out to make the core as big as possible, the opposite trend in armor piercing designs. The core has no jacket on its forward end, to maximize the space available for the core, only the lower portion of the bullet, just enough to engrave rifling.”

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