MEN cartridge 9x19 AP Armor Piercing

thank for the response about PPI ,me too i would ask about the signification of PPI

Hello everyone
This is the box, the cartridge and the h / s the same
José María



Can you tell me the source of this drawing?

Is from a book?


Does anybody know if the code “ANT” was ever used in the NATO system?

Caracal 2015 catalog.

Brian, does this designation appear in Anthéna brochures? The meaning of PPI is mentioned in the adoption documents of the 7.62 mm F1 AP cartridge as “Pointe Profilée Interchangeable”.



Nice! Have not seen this box before.

Hi Fede,

The designation came from Jim Miles web page


Brian, from Fedes question and the absence of the PPI in the Anthena 9x19 docs and boxes and relying on my lousy French I understand the PPI applies only to projectiles with an ogival shaped core as we see it with the rifle projectiles?

The 9 mm was also designated PPI.

Did I already say my French is lousy?

In the early 2000’s, they also announced the development of AP loads of the following cartridges: .338 LM, 7.62x39, 12.7x108 and 14.5x114. The .338 was loaded with a PPI bullet with black tip; no idea about the rest.

The 7.62x39 was made at least in few specimen.
Has anybody ever seen the 12.7x108 and 14.5x114???

Do you have images of the 7.62x39?

No, but was told by P. Regenstreif years ago, he knew the designer of these projectiles.
Unfortunately he did not mention the 12.7mm and the 14.5mm.