Mercury headstamp


Can anyone share any concrete information on centerfire ammunition with a Mercury headstamp. What I have gathered on some European forums is that this was made in Italy by Sabatti in Gardone for the German market. But this is all speculation and I can not find any proof of this. Headstamp I have seen was on a 6.5x55mm cartridge. Thanks

added…and does anyone have a better headstamp pic of this one…


Curtis, it was made by Norma for Frankonia of Würzburg, Germany. It was listed as new early in 1997 and offered in at least two loadings: Match 8.4 g HPBT and Match 9.0 g FMJ.

This brand was used by Frankonia since 1964 and you can find it in other cartridges, like shotshells and pistol blanks.




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Thanks Fede.
I never linked it to the Shotshells. That makes sense, and hence the Swedish connection on the forums.
I appreciate this Fede.




6,5 x 55 Question

The name Mercury is also used on shotshells from Schönebeck (S&B, Germany) as Fede write: