MESKO short range cartridges in 9x18 and 9x19

While researching the history of Mesko (Poland) I came across these short range “anti ricochet” cartridges in 9x18 Mak. and 9x19 Para.
In opposite to the known 7.62x39, 7.62x51 and 7.62x54R with black (and some with white) plastic cores these here seem to have aluminum cores or at least parts are aluminum.
Anybody out there who can elaborate on the inner construction of these?
Lew, John?

9x18 Mak.
Projectile: 3.5 gram
V10: 400 m/s
Pmax: 137 bar

Projectile: 4.4 gram
V10: 540 m/s
Pmax: 260 bar

Have seen it in the MESKO catalog that I picked up at the ShotShow in Jan but never seen the round. Have them send you a box!!! I wish…

Thanks for the info.



They might be at the Eurosatory in Paris next week. If so I shall ask for the core material of these.

Thanks for the info, EOD. I believe MESKO also makes 5,56x45 mm short range cartridges, they were mentioned in an article in a recent NVBMB magazine. I’ll look it up tomorrow, maybe it can clarify things.

Thijs, I do not recall anything on the 5.56mm. So far I just know about those I mentioned in the initial post. Would be great if you could say more about the 5.56mm.

First of all: sorry for hijacking the original topic. It seems that the 5,56 mm differs fundamentally from the 9x19 and 9x18 bullet constructions.

The 5,56 mm short range cartridge is called 5.56x45 SRC (Short Range Combat). Made by MESKO in collaboration with NAMMO. The projectile weights 3 grams and has 3 egg-shaped dents in the jacket to reduce the aerodynamic properties.

This info is originally published by Philippe Regenstreif as article 537-20 (ECRA magazine, January 2010).

Ah, ok, these are (like some other NAMMO stuff) made under licence from NAMMO. They exist in calibers up to .50.

I never heard about the NAMMO origin of these cartridges. Any details you can find in this article: “Polish practice small caliber ammunition (reduced ricochet) - construction and testing”

Gregory, thank you for the document, good to see the inner construction of the Polish types.
Are the Polish plastic tipped ones with a blow out plug? If so they would resemble the DAG developments.

The NAMMO rounds we mean are these:
(missing-something just posted it on another thread) … ge_001.jpg

This is a short quote from the article about rifle bullets: " aluminium core (about 30% of the bullet mass) has a 2.5 times larger volume then a thick-walled brass jacket ". So I think they are diffrent from DAG and NAMMO bullets.

In which way? DAG used exactly this system.

Here it was discussed (drawing on page 2 of the thread):

[7,62x51 NATO italian practice?)