Messerschimitt Bf109


Can you please help me to identify the following ammo.It was found on a crash site of a Messerschimitt Plane crash image

As far as I know, the Messerschmitt 109 had an armament of 2 or 3 cm cannon(s) and eventually additional 13 mm machine-guns. So do measure the head diameter of your case. And is your case magnetic or not? Because if magnetic, I doubt it comes out of a German fighter as the Luftwaffe used (almost always) brass cases.
And again: what happened with the fired cases in the Me109?

Dirk, the “brass only” goes only for the 7.9mm ammo.

We could need a photot with a scale in it or at least the head diameter of the case fragment.

Till then I would say it was a steel cased 15x96 or 20x82 (same case head) of the MG151.

Not only those you mention.
7,9, 13, 15, 20, and 30 mm were used, different case lengths and weapons.

7,9 mm: MG17
13 mm: MG131
15 mm: MG151/15
20 mm: MG FF, MG FF/M, MG151/20
30 mm: MK108

There were other [fixed/offensive] guns like the MK101 and MK103 but these were not mounted on the 109 airframe.

As for fired cases - this depends on the model and the gun mounts.
The pair of MGs on the top aft of the engine would eject the cases (and belts if they used them) into a compartment below them which would be emptied after the sortie. This is also the case for the engine mounted cannon if there was one, except for the K-4 which would have a chute for the 30 mm MK108.

Re: the wing guns these would normally eject out of metal chutes that extended from the ejection port of the gun (MG/MK) down to the bottom surface of the wing.

Add-on gun pods would also eject cases and belts to my knowledge.

The models with MG 131s mounted in a pair aft of the engine did use chutes, so I believe any model from G5 onwards (G6, 10, 14, etc) would have the ejection chutes for their MG pair but not for their motor-cannon.

The Fw 190 and its successor variants (Doras, Kurt Tank planes, etc) are another beast completely.


Here is the measure. It is magnetic


Ok, I’ll stick with the MG151 then.