Metaalwarenfabriek Tilburg (The Netherlands) M13 Link Box


Below are photos of a Metaalwarenfabriek Tilburg (MFT) 50 piece M13 link box, 29.5 inches (749mm) in length



Closer view of box front left end markings

Front label

Single link and stamped markings (M 13 MFT)



Great box and pictures! Thanks a lot.



MFT was located in TIlburg, The Netherlands, and at one time was a subsidiary of NWM (‘De Kruithoorn’) in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, which in turn was part of the Quandt Group, afilliated with DWM’s successor IWK/IWKA and Mauser.

They produced magazines for the Mauser HSc and Parabellum pistols (post war), and went bankrupt at regular intervals. MFT as a name didn’t survive, but part of the company is still around. They are specialized in production of stamped metal parts (hence the links), but mainly for the automotive industry nowadays, making parts for air bags and seat belt systems.


an advertisement once said MFT was located at Orionstraat.
Do you know if there was any connection to Orion Metallwerke?

P.S. From what I have seen in cold war times, MFT seems to have had produced the major share of all non-disintedrating belts for MG1/MG3 in Bundeswehr use. (We never used M13/DM6.)