Metal Detecting Find

I’ve got another mystery object that I’m hoping somebody might be able to identify. It’s made of brass, which makes me think it might be part of some sort of ordnance, but then again…
Thank you!



This is difficult to tell but my guess is on an internal fuze part.
Depends much on what else was found around and in which location in general.

I found 3 of them in total. The other two have iron or steel melted around them. I suspect they are from the second world war because I found 50 calibre and 7,62 casings very near by.

And in which country and location?

In the Forest of Dean, near Gloucester.
I was just looking on the headstamps of the casings. It says L C 43, which I assume is 1943?

I assume that headstamp is on a .50 cal. LC = Lake City (USA) and 43 is indeed the year. Can you post a picture of what you believe to be 7.62 cases?

Yes, that’s the 50 cals. The smaller ones look like DEN 42.

e smaller ones look like DEN 42.

DEN = Denver Ordnance Plant and again the number is the year. Those are 30-06 rounds.

Thanks Mayhem. I wasn’t aware they used the 30-06 round in the second world war. I have fired one in the US in a hunting rifle years ago.

Jules, the .30-06 (adopted in 1906) was used already in WW1.
And the direct predecessor the .30-01 since 1901 then, followed by the .30-03 in 1903.

Thank you both for the info. I didn’t know any of that!
I’ve attached a picture of one of the crusty brass objects, in case that helps?