Metallic Cartridges by Cheddite

I recently learned that Cheddite, well known for their shotshells, now produces metallic cartridges. The link will take you to their listing which includes 9x21mm, 45 ACP, 40 S&W, 380, 38 Special and 357 Mag. These apparently have Cheddite headstamps-at least the 9x21mm.

Though not listed on their website, I am told that at the IWA show their display listed 9x19mm as a cartridge they produce.

I have also been told that the cases may be made at the Gevelot plant in France which Cheddite bought in the 1980s.

I have asked around and nobody I’ve spoken to has seen cartridges with the Cheddite headstamp.

Can anyone shed light on this? Has anyone seen Cheddite ammunition for sale.



Lew, nothing in the UK but cheddite is a common name in the shotgun world.

I have some 9 x 21 mm and 40 S&W cases with the cheddite hds .They are nickeled and were loaded with nickeled primer & bullet

The 9 mm Para cartridge is illegal here , if used in auto pistols and if loaded with a jacketed or semi jacketed bullet , so I am not surprised that there’s no 9 mm Para load in their product list . There’s a very little market for this cartridge here , even if the “platinum” bullet is a nickel washed lead one , not a FMJ

This is a 9 x 21 mm hds selection .You can see the Cheddite one

PS : Lew, there are also some “proprietary” 9 mm Para loads in Italy ( lead bullet) . Cases made by other factories but with the proprietary hds : LCM , APG , NTW