Mexican 7x57s?

That’s interesting. I have four Mexican 8 x 57 mm rounds from my collection still, and one has no headstamp. It evidently is from the “short period of experimentation.” The other three are all dated 1924, but all three are struck with different headstamp bunters. The long period of time and the quantity of production explains that. One of the rounds has a blackened bullet, and it is for sure purposely done. I have found no information pertaining to that.

Fede: Your post about FNC factories 1 and 2 then explains my 7 m/m cartridge with “FNC2” in the headstamp. It’s not at hand but dated in the early 1920s–was this form of notation used only in a year or two or for a longer period of time? Most interesting. Jack

Jack, could you please post a pic of that headstamp?

The only date I recorded for "F.N.C.-2."is 1921, and only on 7 x 57 mm. Are there others?

Jack, factory “Number 2” already existed before 1916 and was closed in some year after 1926. Small runs of the early .45 Auto production was also made in this factory. These could be those very rare rounds headstamped F.N.C. -45-MEXICO and F.N.C. -CAL.-45-.

Report dated September 1, 1924 (period between mid-1923 to mid-1924):
7x57: 40,000
.45: 300,000

Report dated September 1, 1925 (period between mid-1924 to mid-1925)::
7x57: 4,642,562
.45: 410,000

Report dated September 1, 1926 (period between mid-1925 to mid-1926):
7x57: 15,548,635
.45: 26,000

John, did you read my question about the .45 Auto round of 1938?

Fede - I am sorry, but I missed that question completely. Butch was not correct. I don’t know if I initiated the error, or he did, but he made a lot of errors on what I have and what I don’t that I know were his.

I have a poor collection of Mexican .45, but here is what I have, taken right now from the cartridges, not from any list or catalog: (all but the first one are ordinary ball rounds)

F.N.C.45 1929 Wood bullet blank
F.N.C.45 1930 This is an ordinary ball round
45-MEXICO 1931
F.N.C. 45-MEXICO 1934
F.N.C.-45-MEXICO 1935 In this case the first dash after the “C” is directly over the dot.
I could not reproduce that here.

  • F DE M 45 AUT - 1938 The “DE” are smaller letters, but in capital form
  • F DE M-45 AUT. - 1942 Again, the “DE” has smaller letters. There is a dash directly after
    "F DE M" (no space) and “AUT.” is followed by a period.
  • F DE M45AUT - 49 “DE” smaller letters. No spaces in "M45AUT"
    5 FNM 3 45
  • F N M * 4 5 - A * 5 4
    FC 74 0.45 The “0.45” is upside-down to the other two entries
    F C 0.45 77

Of course, I have some commercial undated Mexican .45s in my collection, but I didn’t figure they were important to this question. The 1934 style shown above exists from 1931 to 1936 (perhaps not in 1935, I just don’t know). The 1938 style is found from 1938-1942 while the 1942 style shown above, different from the 1938, is also found with 1945 date. The “49” style above is found from 49 until 51.The following two are also known, but I don’t have them:

F.C 45-A 66 WHW collection - note dot between the “F” and the "C"
0.45 FC 81 WHW collection. Also found with “84” date.

I also note the - F.N.C. - Cal.-45 - headstamp and the F.N.C. 45-MEXICO with no date.

Hope this helps you Fede.

John, thank you very much. This information is very appreciated.