Mexican 9x19mm production with R-P headstamp


John, you and I have had a long term conversation on this subject, but I just ran across this box in the collection and decided to post it see if others have anything to add.

The box below was unfortunately empty when I received it, but sure looks like it would date from the period of the R-P headstamps. The box code is Z1-IT which if it was a real Remington code would probably be 1983.

It seems pretty certain that CDM was making Remington ammunition in Mexico during the period of the R-P headstamp. I would be surprised if this box had other than a Remington headstamp in it. I suspect that the headstamp was


A Remington headstamp confirmed to come from the CDM factory is

Does anyone have either of these headstamps in the original boxes?

Can anyone confirm what cartridges came in the box pictured?

John makes an excellent arguement why this is probably not a Mexican made headstamp. I hope somebody had added information to give us more insight into the origin of the two headstamps pictured above.




Lew - excuse the tangent, but here are few more Mexican boxes. None have date codes and all share identical bottoms. Note the 2 styles of boxes (with caliber on front and without). The projectile of the .44 S&W Special round is very crude.



Paul, There are a couple of 9x19mm rounds known with the P * R headstamp (not in my collection) which are clearly related to these boxes. They were made by

Productos Regiomontanos,
Airmercia, Monterrey, Mexico.

There are companies by this name in Monterrey, but not associated with Airmercia!