MFS 2000 9mmP Zinc Washed Steel Case


I found several sources for the new MFS 2000 zinc washed steel cased ammo. It appears that it comes in two weights, 115 & 124 FMJ.

Fedtactical appears to be the cheapest … 538r5u3cv5
(sorry, direct link to the ammo doesn’t seem to work so just scroll down to the very last item on this page).

I’ve also seen it for sale at Midway USA and Sportsman’s Guide.

Any idea as to whether this is going to be actually Hungarian made or possibly Russian contracted?
Anybody know if MFS has ever made steel cased ammo let alone zinc washed steel cases?


This is the ammo I wrote the “Incestuous Ammo Industry” thread about. Hungarian brand name, Russian ammunition with standard Russian headstamp, imported by the American branch of a Swiss company, RUAG!

John Moss