MG 151 Link Manufacturer ID

I have 2 German MG 151 links, I cannot be 100% certain of the maker’s marks as they are slightly pitted. One is marked “enr” and the other “ara”. I cannot find these ode listed anywhere. The one marked “enr” also hase a “4” on the inside that would be facing the cartridge. Any info on these maker’s marks would be helpful.

  • @ Falcon: 1) German code “ara” => “Muhr & Bender, Attendorf/Westf.” 2) German code “enr” => “Reschop-Walter-Holzhandlung, Essen, Bismarckstr. 57”. Liviu 02/22/08 P.S. The info comes from the volume “Liste der Fertigungskennzeichen fur Waffen, Munition und Gerat” (Nach Buchstabengruppen geordnet), Berlin 1944, Gedruckt im Oberkommando des Heeres

Thanks Liviu, that’s exactly what I wanted.


please check carefully for the marking you read as “enr” : I would rather suspect it would be “eup”.

enr is a wood material factory and has never been observed on any link.

Please also note that the extra letter corresponds to the month of production. This feature was introduced in October 1942 with letter “A”, then “B” for November 1942, etc… After “Z”, it skipped to “Aa”.
So far I have not observed any month later than this “Aa”, i.e. December 1944.

The number “4” stamped inside the link corresponds to the design variant, i.e. 4th type.

Hereafter a picture with the various Gurt 151 type 4, I have seen so far :

On the design type 4, the makers I have observed are :
acw - adb - ara - bhm - bsz - bvc - cr - eup

Any addition to this list for type 4 is welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.



JFL, both of these are quite badly pitted, and could even be dug up. The first one is definitely “ara” now you post the picture. I’m sure the second is not “eup” but is too badly pitted to see clearly. It could even be “bhm”.

Both of these have the letter “I” on them for the date code. I take it this is June 1943.