MG belt carrier


Inside there are “IVI 68” linked blanks (with “DAQ” stamp on the links). So I assume the carrier and the linked cartridges do not match. This shoulder carrier looks military style but the box confuses me, So, is this a Canadian belt in an American military issue carrier?


Looks like the pouch is for use with the M60 machine gun and 7.62x51mm (.308) ammo, but the ammo and links are .30-06 linked for the .30 caliber Browning machine guns M1917, M1919, so they were not always married like this.
The IVI and DAQ are Canadian markings.


Blanks are Cal. .30 M1909, IVI ( Industries Valcartier Industries ( French-English HS…Canada)
and the Links are DAQ ( Dominion Arsenal Quebec, fore-runner of IVI).

The Bandoleer/Pouch is US 7,62 Nato, Lake City, Nothing to do with the Box of Blanks except commonality of Box size.

Doc AV


The cloth is referred to as an M4 bandoleer.
Agreed the contents and bandoleer do not match.
If you want a nice brand new empty one with internal box, I sell them for $7 delivered.