MG(?) cartridge ID

So I found this piece on a WWI battlefield. I supposed it’s for an MG because it has a little bit larger caliber compared with the other cartridges i found in that area. I know SMI stand for Societa Metallurgica Italiana, but can anyone give me a professional opinion about the origin because I don’t think italians had anything to do with any WWI battlefield in Romania.
Thanks in advance!Screenshot_2019-04-05-11-04-36-1

Some key measurements would be helpful - calibre, case length, rim diameter. Also a side-view photo.

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I have just a part of it because it’s broken so i can’t even approximate the exact length, sorry :/

How about the rim diameter?

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Rim? Rimless? Yes, the side-view, even from a damaged case, can be important for identification. And from a machine-gun? That is speculation. WWI? Sure?

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With high probability this cartridge 10.4 Vetterli.

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As I said, I just supposed, so it is a speculation, and I’m sure it’s from WWI, unrimmed

Indeed, it looks identical. Thanks a lot!

If it were a Vetterli 10.35 Italian of the Italian Metallurgical Society (S.M.I) of 1916 it would be the first time I see this headstamp
The S.M.I. produced in 1916 but with very different headstamp (if they crimp neck, formed by the points they were for MG
The Russians used Vetterli rifles
Here you can find more news on this caliber :