MH headstamp enquiry

Hey everyone,

I have come across an unusual MH headstamp (ref image).

MH is SAAF No.3 Hendon Australia 1940 - 1945

I have 3 MH 1942 WI AP rounds.

2 are stamped MH 1942 WI the other is stamped M.H. 1942 WI.

I don’t have a lot of experience with .303 ammo but I don’t recall seeing any Aussie factory H/S separated by dots.

The stamp is quite deliberate with the spacing wider for the M.H. round.

Any thoughts ?

Regards, Ian

Nice find. I don’t ever recall seeing one.

Interesting variation which I can’t recall seeing. I doubt that it has any special meaning, other than a different interpretation of the drawing by the bunter maker.
Off hand I do recall the MF .32 autos having headstamps with and without the separating dots.
MF .32 Auto HS
M.F. .32 Auto. 2
M.F1 .32 Auto

Note the M.F 1 with only one faint dot. Again this has no significance. The thing about this headstamp having the 1 only indicates it was made early in WW2 when MF used this monogram for a short time.