MidwayUSA "Dogtown Ammunition"


I noticed that last week MidwayUSA began offering a line of ammunition under the brand name “Dogtown Ammunition”, suggesting that this was a brand unto itself, or a manufacturer’s name. It turns out to be an in-house line of ammo from Midway though, as the brand has the same address as MidwayUSA in Columbia, MO. I know that Midway maintains an FFL for manufacture and import of ammunition, but I hadn’t known them to be manufacturing with much intent since their Midway-headstamped line from years ago. It might also be that Midway is just packaging Nosler manufactured ammo and that “Dogtown” is just a private-label job by Nosler via Midway, but the package label and web listing doesn’t indicate anything like this, and the origin of manufacture is supposed to be somewhat obvious according to a few federal regulations. It would also be surprising that Nosler would offer up something (one of their most popular products) for sale in the realm of $0.44 cents per rd, when this product is usually always more in the $0.90 to $1.15 per rd realm.

This Dogtown .223 ammo is actually a really good price at $87.99 per 200, considering it is loaded with the 53gr flat-base Nosler Varmageddon bullet. The Nosler Varmageddon loads in .223 are usually always more in the realm of at least $17 per box of 20! True to Midway form, this sale will either be very temporary and could double at any moment, or might stay at this price for months if they don’t move much of it. Prairie dog and coyote hunters should love this offering.


Matt, thanks for posting. “Dogtown” is a Nosler brand of bullets introduced in 2001 that was made exclusively for Midway, but this is the first time I heard of loaded ammunition.