Mighty 8th Army Air Force Museum, Pooler, GA

This museum is dedicated to only one US Army unit, albeit a big one, thus limiting info and exhibits mightyeighth.org/, there is a lot of personal info and a lot of flight jackets but otherwise exhibits are mostly common (not unique). Kevin tried his luck as a B-17 side 50 cal gunner, he will be on my bird next sortie I fly. He also wanted to know about a 13mm round (he is pointing at it in the picture. I also don’t know what it is. So any info is appreciated.


Thanks for the pictures–really great for us AF guys.

Not to detract from that, but the dates for the ADM-20 “Quail” missile seem to be a little confused. Requirement identified in 1961, name changed (along with most missiles of the time) in 1963, front line service throughout the sixties, but initial operational capability in 1981 and after a service life of “over 10 years” it was retired in 1989 because the SRAM made it redundant… Let me just say what I know: Quail for the most part was “done” in the seventies as the SRAM (AGM-69) came on line, as stated, it wasn’t as necessary, but the Quail system would not fit in the aft Bomb Bay when the SRAM rotary launcher was loaded in the forward bomb bay on the B52G. By then Quail had served a long and useful life. Improvements in chaff, flares and electronic countermeasures made it less necessary, and the large commitment in both weight and cubic space required for just four decoys was no longer affordable in light of the newer capabilities.

There is also an 8th Air Force Museum at Barksdale AFB (Bossier City, LA), at least there was about three years ago when I was last there. Maybe it no longer exists. I didn’t have time to go through the Barksdale museum on my last visit, so I don’t know what it has on display. Barksdale is the HQ of the USAF’s Global Strike Command, so at least the location is appropriate for such a museum.

The 13mm rounds are the 13mm Solothurn used in the MG131 gun fitted to many German aircraft.

It was electric primed for synchronised guns firing through the propeller on the Me 109 for example and was also widely used in both flexible and turret mounts.