Milbank primed cartridges

A discussion of Milbank primed cartridges on an earlier thread regarding 44-40 boxes has me wondering what cartridges the Milbank primer has been found on. In my own collection, I have just three different cartridges with this primer, a .42 Russian and a .58 Musket, both made by Winchester, and a .31 front-loading cartridge.

I have two of the .31 front loading, one which has corroded around its middle so badly as to require a piece of tape to keep it together.

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Guy, I have what I listed as a .43 Spanish Milbank but remember having gone back and forth between calling it that and a .42 Russian until I read something (now forgotten) in a Buttweiller catalog that made me settle on Spanish.


This may not be any help, but, I was going thru some old JOURNALS looking for some other stuff and happened to see a reference to a Millbank primed 45-75 WCF. I immediately thought of you. It is in #345, page 10.

And that’s all I know about that. Watch out for falling salamanders!


Yours looks a lot like mine. I probably need to spend some time in the Buttweiler catalogs.

The 1875 Winchester catalog has 24 different cartridges shown, and indicated they were loaded with the new and improved Winchester primer, patented in July 1874. I would assume they were making most of these prior to the introduction of the new primer, when the Milbank primer was in use, so I suppose any of them could be found with the Milbank primer.

Guy–Could you post a scan of the 1875 catalog or at least a list of the cartridges listed in it as a possible checklist of possible Milbank primed loadings?

Here’s the list of cartridges from the Winchester 1875 catalog:

38 Short
38 Long
38 Extra Long
40-50 Grs. (Sharps)
40-70 Grs. (Sharps)
41 Long
42 (Russian?)
43 (Spanish?)
44-60 Grs. (Sharps)
44-77 Grs. (Sharps)
44 S&W American
44 S&W Russian
Model 1873 Winchester (.44-40 WCF)
44 Long
Colt 44
Colt 45
45 Sporting (.45-50 Peabody)
Martini Henry (.45)
50 Pistol
Carbine (.50-45)
Musket (.50-70)
58 Carbine
58 (Musket)
58 Snider

In the Buttweiler catalog VIII/1 item 182 is described as a Milbank-primed .42 Berdan, the identification of caliber being based in the presence of a PP bullet. The stated case mouth diameter of this specimen is .456", a figure more typical of the .43 Spanish Remington than the Berdan. Nominal neck diameter of the .42 is .448 or so, the Remington about .458. Any thoughts on Buttweiler’s ID of this cartridge? JG