Military 12 gauge

someone can help me for to know wich type of cartridge in 12 gauge in service in US ARMY. the US ARMY are one of the army who use the shotgun some a real weapon with many type of cartridge.


To get some responses started - 12 gauge shotguns were used in combat situations during the Spanish-American War (1890s) and every war since. I believe the “standard” cartridges used were those loaded with OO Buckshot.

There were very likely other cartridges used as well. Those that were used the most were trap or skeet loads used for training purposes.

I believe that the majority of ammunition used was commercially produced.

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As Ray said they used buck shot during WWI, WWII and Viet-Nam.
They used also flechettes in Vietnam.

I have seen in the old forum some topic about new loadings they perhaps use (I don’t remember) nowadays.


I read paper who explain US ARMY adopt many new cartridge but I never see this type of cartridge. Sometime the ammunition exist and the US ARMY rename the ammunition and they write it is new ! I read they adopt door breaching ammunition, and several lee lethal ammunition for peacekeeping mission.