Military Ammunition Postcards


Along with my military ammunition collection, I collect old artillery postcards. I probably have over 500… Now and then one shows up featuring ammunition. These two are interesting.

This first is of WW I French postcard showing both French and German shells.

This one looks like a pre-WW II photo of Japanese naval shells

Translations of the Japanese descriptions would be appreciated.



Have noted these type postcards in the past. There is an online auction house that has these up for bid on occasion. Mostly German/WW2 stuff. Pricey little buggers. Anxious to see more of the cards as well as some of the larger, heavier pieces in your collection.



That is a great idea for a post, I love old postcards, I have a semidecent collection of them. Unfortunately, not too many with large artillery shells.


I could not resist posting a couple more, they are just too cool even though have nothing to do this this post.


OK guys. I have a few tucked away somewhere. How do you post a postcard on the forum???



You mail them to me first.


The postcards might not be exactly ‘on topic’ but what remarkable documents they are.

Showing uniforms, equipment, context and above all, the attitude of the participants. In terms of the equipment I particularly like the fellow with the bandolier around his neck, shame these are so hard to find now.

In the picture with the machine gun team, is the little handcart to the rear left of the scene an official piece of equipment that came along with the gun and tripod? I’ve never seen the like before.

Happy collecting, Peter



Either scan them or take a pic.


Ray–Scanning at 300dpi .JPG will work the best. Also, even if the post cards are black & White, use the color setting on the scanner. The B&W setting is too contrasty.




Here are some more of my favorites.

This U.S. 16 inch projo is shown with an obviously very short soldier. The card was mail in 1911.

The contrast between the well-dressed little girl and a large German projo makes this interesting.

Humor is present, even during war. These three WW I German soldiers are having a good time with a large English dud. The card was mailed in 1916.


You have some really nice ones Mike.

Here one more:




Rick, there are such places nowadays, at least 2006 during the Lebanon war. Here with definately life ammo:


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.





I like the postcard of the armoured car crew in the Berlin castle yard, brings to mind the old joke of how many people you can stuff into a Volkswagen.


It’s interesting that the British “38cm” dud shell in the photo with the three German soldiers is missing its driving band. Maybe someone cut it off as a souvenir.



the driving band was probably scavenged and sold for scrap, as copper / brass / etc was in very short supply…

I can remember my father telling of one instance during WWII when he saw two soldiers trying to remove the driving band from a dud, which while they were doing so became less dud…


I know they are often cut off for scrap as inert projectiles in the UK often have the bands missing. I just thought it surprising that someone would have done it in a battlefield environment.