Military Nonlethal Munitions Article, 2008

A short 4 page article entitled Nonlethal Munitions (NLM) Expand Warfighter Capabilities (2008):


Picture of some 12ga NLM rounds from the presentation Enhancement of the USMC Benelli M1014 Combat Shotgun: Lethal and Non-Lethal Rounds – U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command

I don’t know a thing about these, can someone identify/ provide some info about these different rounds?



I am sure there are people here who know more about this than I do, but I’ll do my best!

These all seem to be developments of the “bean bag” principle, consisting of a load of lead shot (typically No.9) in a tough fabric which spreads on impact to deliver a non-penetrating “punch” to the target. The fabric “tail” is there to provide more aerodynamic stability and accuracy than the traditional bean bag. Sometimes these are called “sock”, “super-sock” or “aero-sock” rounds by the manufacturers.

The one on the far right is by CTS (Combined Tactical Systems: )

Next to it is ALS (Amtec Less-lethal Systems: )

Can’t make out the third from the right

The Aero-sock is from MK Ballistic Systems (site seems to be down - permanently?)

This article summarises the field:

Hope this helps!

The third from the right is a Drag Stabilised Bean Bag by Defense Technology.

What’s interesting is the new less lethal round made by SRM Arms, because it is a rimfire primed 12 gauge shotshell!

Greetings All,
I have had an article also published on less lethal munitions.
Can bring copies to St Louis.

Just a quick correction: SRM Arms designated their new less lethal 12 gauge round as “Ringfire” primed.


We’ve used the CTS SuperSock in the past; we currently inventory the DefTec Drag Stabilized and DS Marking for our 12ga LL platform. Both hurt like hell.

All 4 have similar performance and intended-use envelopes. has a ton of data sheets, MSDS, and other info on their impact munitions, just takes a bit to find and correlate it all.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on these.