'Military/Police' .40 S&W

I just got an email advert for this ammo. Nothing I plan on getting, but the h/s is interesting.

Do you know what the point of the yellow circle was in showing the faint lines on the case? I assume this ammo is the same as the Federal HST that has been out for years now, just with military type dated headstamps being something new?

I think the dealer was just showing case blemishes.

Jon and Matt - if you ever see a box of this at a show or somewhere, grab it for me, will you? I still have never been above to get the U.S. Coast Guard boxes and a sample of each of the two loadings they use.
This may be one of them, although the Coast Guard boxes are white contract-style with black printing. I have pictures of them, I think, but that is all.

John, I’ll send you a link to the dealer’s advert.

The brown packages have the CIP ammunition mark of the Belgian (!) proof house. It seems they were intended for commercial sale in one of the CIP member countries.

I just rummaged through 50 or so Federal-made Federal- and American Eagle-brand centerfire pistol caliber boxes – including b/w contract boxes – and they ALL had the same proof house mark. My Speer-made Federal- and American Eagle-brand boxes, however, didn’t have it.


Attached are pictures from two boxes we have. Is the b/w box what you were asking about? It was purchased from The Sportsmans Guide in 2011. The second box is not HST but it looks very similar to the one Jon posted. It was purchased at either Cabelas or MidwayUSA in 2013 (I can’t remember which).