Military .polish .308 with AP-Bullet (Mesko Factory 21)

Headstamp is 7,62x51 21 03
Brass case, gm-jacket with lead base filler and magnetic core section of the bullet. As the tip itself is not magnetic, I think I am right, to say; GM-Jacket…
Black tip…
Weight of bullet 9,45Grams.
As this is the same weight as the (old and first Version of) FN P80 (AP-Bullet) had, I think, it is also the same construction.
If someone has a datasheet of this older load (it is by headstamp from 2003) I would be happy, to get this info…

Here the pics:

Hi Peter, thanks for sharing.

More information from a brochure published in 2005:




Maybe it will help you … Despite the fact that it is a domestic production, it is difficult to get materials about it.
A scan from the MESKO-AMUNICJA catalog.skanowanie0003
There is no release year, but rather after 2011 :-(



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Hi Rufus,

thank you for the leaflet, but it gives no more info, as I had already.

Whats interesting for me, is the coreweight, the corelenght and if available, the hardness of the core in HB or HRC.

Anyway, thx a lot for this info.


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