Military Prvi 7,9 from 1955


Is the primers always crimped in? I got one ftf from a colleague at the range today and it has no three stamp crimp but the red laquer sealing which you usually see in pictures of these old yugoslav cartridges (hs: 11 * * 55)


No I don’t think there was a primer crimp. Early .303 from the same source didn’t have it. Not as early as 55 though, more like 70s.


Well the crimp is there, it is just difficult to see…
Found John Moss’ lists of yugo 7,9 and with this headstamp he has a B-patrone and a AP-T (SmK-L) load. This one has been surplussed recently (>2000) and is ordinary ball, but with the four segment ring crimp as the other loads. One of my club buddies use it in his K98k, but it is not remarkably accurate…
This should teach me to look in the available sources before posting questions…


[quote=“mausernut”] but it is not remarkably accurate…
Same as the .303 very poor. Unlike modern Privi which is probably the best available.