? mimeographed FA 50 cal ball "CAUTION" overlabel

empty box

I have no story to add

The box is badly deformed/torn…should I remove the front of the box and keep it in a hard plastic photo protector ?

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Similar label on .30 Cal. from LCOP

I would order some archival quality plastic envelopes from an online source, these come in many different sizes.

A few exmaples of online sites-





Maybe slice the tape and lay it flat, but I would think destroying it anymore would make it worth less.

Some of the rarest stuff known isn’t is the best of shape. Were It mine I’d want it as complete & original as it can be.

I’d just put styrofoam cut into the propper shape inside (maybe add some layers of cardboard to get a tight fit) and stabilize the box.
Why destroying an artifact?

it is a “fact”…it’s “art”

I want to find the mouse who had a taste for .50 cal

well before my ownership

Has anybody images of the cartridges that would have been inside this box?

I found myself wondering “why?” Perhaps a test run just to see what might happen if oversize bullets were fired? 1949 date is interesting. Any significance?