Mine Cutters?

Does anyone have any information on any of these 3 cartidges? I think the 2 shorter ones are Mine Cable Cutters. The longer one may be a bagged powder primer for a large gun. The first two have a lead slug which may or not be original as the ends are rough like badly poured lead. I have an unprimed empty of the shortest one and the case is stepted inside at the point you can see the cannelure just below the mouth. The remainder of the case is at least twice as thick as a normal pistol case. The longest one is an empty case with the same stepped construction inside about 1/8 inch from the mouth and is quite heavy brass. Headstamp on the shortest is “MARK 14 MS” and the entire head is coated with brownish varnish. The one with the red lacquered base is “CUTTER MARK 12 MOD 1”. The longest one has no headstamp,

EDIT INFORMATION: I just found this picture on NRA Auctions (Thanks Iconoclast!!). Now I would like information on the device these were used in.

I still more information on these. I would like to see a picture or drawing of the devices that the Minesweeping cartridges were used in.

Ray–Is the longest case with the screw in primer one of those Primers for the big guns?


The Lock Combination Primer is larger than the mystery cartridge you’ve shown. It is about the size of a 45-70 case. In fact, some people confuse the primer with a 45-70 shot shell. It is closed with a rose petal crimp and has an insulating ring around the electrical primer. The primer has a headstamp also.

That’s not to say it couldn’t be a primer from some other country. The stepped interior suggests something like that.


Ron, I believe these cartridges are for the cutters on page 5 (fig. 8-6) on this document: globalsecurity.org/military/ … 60_ch8.pdf
It looks like these devices are towed behind a mine-cutter, and when they hit the mooring cable of a mine, the cable is pulled into the end of a channel until it hits a pin that acts as a trigger for the firing mechanism. On firing, a cutter is driven through that cable against an anvil, whereupon the mine bobs to the surface, and it can be destroyed by small arms fire. Hope this helps.

SDC–Thank you. That manual contains exactly the information I was looking for.