Mini book review


I just received my copies of Gerd Mischinger’s books on the East German ammunition factories at Konigswartha and Spreewerk Lubben.

I must say that I am VERY impressed with these two books. At first, I thought I would be disappointed because the books are only a bit more than 1/4" thick each, but once I opened them up, WOW!

Tons of great color photos, blueprints, boxes, crates, sectioned cartridges, etc… I felt like a kid in a candy store! Not only are the cartridges covered, but the production equipment, box filling machines, etc… Very comprehensive! All in German, but as someone recently said here, the pictures alone are worth the price of the books. I still have my German-English dictionary from high school, so I will be busy for a while!

These books were ordered from Josef Moetz at and I was very pleased with the service he provided. He even graciously tolerated my poor attempts to communicate in his native language! Be advised that postage is as expensive as one of the books! These two books plus the “Beutepatronen” book I also ordered, plus shipping, cost under $120 USD and it only took 11 days to get from Austria to the USA.



I agree with AKMS - no library of a real cartridge student should be without these two books, even if they don’t read much German. Many of the pictures have simple captions, and many others are pretty self-explanatory. They are really a great work and about as definitive as it is ever going to get regarding ammunition production in the German Democratic Republic.

The “Beutepatronen” book is very useful as well, although perhaps having a bit more information that was already generally known than do the works on the two DDR factories. Regardless, also a very good book and worth the price.


“Beutepatronen” is far more usefull to most collectors than these East German books although there is no question about their substance. Moetz is very easy to work with and can be paid by Paypal last I heard.

“Beutepatronen” covers LOTS of cartridges which the average collector can actually still find at local gun shows. MOST collectors do not buy many books ( ask ammo book publisher George Hoyem about that ) and should stick with books which they can actually use until they become more advanced.

Postage from Europe is a killer and the exchange rate between US dollars and Euros is poor just now.

Any of these books can be had through the link to the German club from the IAA home page.

“Buy the books first - then the cartridges” Learning saves money in the long run.