Minie Bomb, real, dud, or fake? (pics)

Hi all, new-be here. Hope you can help? Like the heading says, I have this little bomb that was given to me many years ago by the Widow of a freind of the family. He was a PT Boat Commander in WW II fighting Japan. He must of picked this up somewhere along the way. I never saw it while he was living & she knows nothing about it. She knew I collected guns & I have some deactavated 20MM & 40MM rounds. It appears to made of brass, the nose & tail piece that the fins attach to are alum. & they will turn, but I have never tried to see if they will unscrew or come apart. There are Jap markings on it & what appears to be a screw in the side. (pics) The center section has an alum spacer in it? I set it on a $ bill to show its size. By the way, it wieghs 11oz.
Thanks in advance.

These are two Japanese fuzes which look like soldered together at their bases (threaded section cut off?). The vanes are a separate product.

Farily common souvenir items.

Probably manufactured locally for the “souvenir trade” at the end of the war, possibly on U.S. bases where guys witht the material and time and tools made them in quantity. My guess would be Seabees or Air Corps types. Probably traded for cigarettes or something, possibly with some great story about how they were “captured secret Jap mini-bombs” or something else which gullible soldiers, sailors or Marines would find irresistable.

These were made in theater by several ordnance units. The photos attached are of the one made for Col. Tibbets by the first ordnance Sqdn Tinian and presented when he returned from the drop. This was supposed to be the “fat man” bomb which he was supposed to drop but they changed the load at the last minute and he dropped the other one. I bought this from Gen. Tibbets after the war. It is engraved to him. I never show the engraving to avoid fakes. This one has silver wings. The others which I have seen have aluminum wings made from Jap plane wrecks. This one goes to an Air Force Museum eventually as Gen. Tibbets wanted. He said he was actually renting it to me not selling. He was a fun guy.