Mint....never folded Remington boxes


These photos might drive shotshell guys nuts. Call it the “spot the difference(s)” game (like those in the long car ride game book)

I have had these (and a “zillion”…maybe only a few hundred…others) for over 20 years and certainly are a long way from those of you who know me to be fascinated by “color tips” and/or “special purpose” rounds.

They came from the Remington print shop at Bridgeport…mid to late 80’s…and to my eye…all have differences, some as subtle as the actual box flap design to the location of a lot number. In some cases the differences might be on the other side of the box. (I have spent hours staring at some trying to discern the variations…and they are there…from one to another)

These have never been folded…yes…they are mint flats.

In the case of this High Velocity “Flying Mallard” box (certainly a favorite box of mine as a young collector…way before I acquired these), I have 13 more in this design in 28, 20, 16 and 12 gauge.

(And as mentioned 100’s more of various other Remington products from unfolded CF boxes to 2 piece shotshell label wraps and a large collection of “case” box labels…those about 7” square.

Slick Rick’s .410 photos motivated me.

It will take a swift kick to do many more…unless there is an easy way to copy multiple Photobucket IMG codes in mass…as opposed to the individual “copy and paste” one at a time procedure ???


Well, I have never admitted to collecting the .410 or their boxes but these are absolutely beautiful. I am jealous, of course, especially since you confess to having boxes of equal quality in the larger gauges.

Thanks for posting Pepper.




I would weaken and post the other Mallards especially if someone knew of an easier way to get multiple photos from Photo Bucket to the Forum…or is it one at a time?

The case box labels would be easy to run thru the scanner…but ouch…the time to post each photo link!


Pepper–Nice boxes. Years ago I had the complete line of Squires Bingham of the Philippines, Australia Winchester, Fiocchi, Eley, Hirtenburger and CCI Mexico .22 boxes, both the 50 round boxes and the 500 round cartons as un-folded flats. This was back in the 70’s. All I did was write to the factories and request the boxes. I was surprised when the actually sent them.