Minuteman Ammo's solid silver werewolf ammo

Saw an article today about MinuteMan Ammo (Carson, Washington) loading a live a .45 Colt with a custom turned 240gr solid .999 silver projectile or a 125gr .357mag version. The price?.. $99.95 per round… I understand the custom lathe turning and process involved etc., but one would be purchasing around $5.00 spot worth of silver, and it’s loaded on a generic Starline case. At least give us a custom headstamp for 1rd of Werewolf ammo I am saying.

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Total absurdity. 99% pure silver would be a poor choice of material for a self-defense load in any caliber, as if anyone would buy this product as a self-defence load, even if that price of roughly 200.00 is for two rounds, as shown in the box. As a retired member of the retail firearms business community, 36 years on the job, I find this kind pandering ("Werewolf ammo? Even more childish than Zombie ammo, although at least the latter is actually a real self defense round, if someone has to have a green plastic nose on their bullets rather than a green one.

Minuteman ammo should be ashamed of themselves. It is this kind of absurdity that makes people “on the fence” about guns, jump to the anti-gun side.

I have bought some pretty silly loads as a collector of cartridges, but any I have pale in comparison to this ridiculous load. I would care if they had their own headstamp and line the impression with silver as well.

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John Moss: confirmed for possibly being a werewolf in disguise. I’m on to you!

In all seriousness, though these do seem more like a gimmick. I wonder how much fouling (if silver can ever me considered such) the rifling would receive after one or two shots.

If they had simply cast the silver bullets like a normal person would, it would only be about $10 per round, yea?
Gimmick for fools who have too much money to spend.
At least the Hornady ‘Zombie’ ammo was priced the same as the not-green ammo, and yea, I got one box of each… just in case…

Badger - no defense of this goofy, useless stuff, but I have been told that pure silver is very hard to case - that it comes out wrinkled, etc. Don’t know if its true or not. Regardless of method of production, aside from being idiotic advertising implying this is actually a self-defense round, in my view, the price of this stuff is a rip-off. Just my opinion.


John, actually, Silver is not that hard to cast… and yea, we did that a bunch of years back when the Lone Ranger was a hot ticket item, (long before the movie with Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp), and loaded some .44-40 [without powder] so we could sell them to the goofy people who liked that stuff and spent money on crap.
Hey, I was a KID!
Used a LOT of silver dimes, which were plentiful and not worth much more than a dime in those days, for the bullets. And yea, I wish I still had those silver dimes!

And did the advertising not say it is for the local Werewolves, not people? ;-)