Miracle happens with shipping ammo

I can only assume divine intervention, a package of inert ammo was posted to me from South Carolina, US of A, to me in England on the 6th of March via USPS and I got the package this morning, the 7th of March.

A record ?

My thanks to all USPS and Royal Mail staff who I shall now treat with love and respect :)


I’ve slid into old age faster than I thought, today is the 10th not the 7th so the package took 4 days…so…not a record[/color]

Definitely a record.

I’ve had things take 3 days and I’ve had things take 7 weeks but on the whole the average has been towards the quicker end of the scale. You must have struck it lucky with the time difference and just squeeked onto each connection.

Not much anticipation was there though… !!

4 days from here to England! Maybe not a record but lightning fast!
I have had packages take longer than that to get from one corner of this STATE to the other! And we are not a BIG state!

Are you sure this is not a mistake or misprint? It just doesn’t sound right to me.

The 1 day was a mistake on my part. I knew the package had been sent on the 6th and the date stamp confirmed this, I looked at my watch and it was showing the 7th so thought it had taken 1 day. I then realised that as my watch is mechanical it hadn’t allowed for Feb being 28 days and had carried on with 29,30,31 etc.

4 days from SC is fairly common.

For stuff from the USA that has been sent to me, Air Mail, the best is 4 days and the worst is 20 days.

BTW I was thinking that the date stamp could have been applied wrong somehow at the other end, not saying that the error was yours.

ok guys I’ve asked this before but has anyone had success with freight overseas from the US. I recently (on the advice of some great IAA advice) brought back some rounds from the US to the land of OZ (all live and had to explain to immigration what the rules where but thats another story).

Willing to pass on my limited experiences via the airlines if you ask.

Anyone have advice on freight forwarders that handle ammo out of the US.

Come on guys. There must be someone that knows someone that imports/exports ammo from the US. We do have limited shooting and sales of ammo in the land of OZ and I know we don’t manufacture most of it now.