Misc .303

A new request about some .303:

#1 I think that one is an igniter with delay, n°110 fuze but the shape is not the same as the one I know! 2 holes in case and base painted blue
#2 empty case BB 303 ???
#3 it look likes the H/S is something like KYNOCH and 303SL but not sure with the black paint
#4 FNT 56 7Z; Spain?


BB 303 is an unprimed empty by Bruce Bertram at Seymour, Victoria, Australia,

I’m guessing Tony is out at the shops or something so I’ll jump in on his behalf - no.3 is a Kynoch Match ball manufactured specifically for the 1948 Olympic Games. The headstamp would read ‘KYNOCH 303 SL’ and it is loaded with a 175gn streamlined bullet.

No, Tony is just back from a week at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

I agree with Jim that no.3 is the Olympic Games Match round and I think No.2 may be Bertram Bullets?

No.4 is Spanish as described, made at Toledo. The Spaniards copied samples of Radway Green Mark 7z suppled to them by the UK.

No.2 is indeed the igniter for the No.110 fuze as shown by the blue base. It should have a paper cover over the holes as in the attached picture.


edit: Sorry, missed Les’s post about Bertram!

No.4 does look to have a commercial hunting/soft point bullet in do you think it is just a reload.

I wish I could spend a week in the Armouries, I need to retire. :-)