Misc ammo

I have said that I am a shooter first and a cartridge collector second but I have a situation that must be common to you more serious collectors. That is, an accumulation of miscellaneous cartridges. I have boxes, and bags, and ammo cans in my garage, in closets, under work benches that I have accumulated over the past 50 years. I have never counted but there must be thousands of rounds. Everything from ordinary to many that are worth $25 or more each.

I am not inclined to sort and inventory them. There are simply too many and I have better things to do with my few remaining years.

So, what do you guys do with stuff like that? Any suggestions?


Isn’t that where the $1 ea tubs come from at SLICS, cleaning out the excess inventory?

Yeah Bob, that’s what first comes to my feeble mind, but I don’t do the Shows because they are too far away and I’d have to do some sorting to keep from selling those $25 cartridges for 50 cents.

Maybe I should treat them like all my other junk - let my kids sort it out when I’m gone. :) :)


Do a quick sort-through and take out any odd looking projectiles, or odd colored tips. Then separate out any large or unusual calibers, and try to sort their value using pictures here, or just through comparison on G.B. or A.A. Then just take whats left and what you think is not special and list it on one of the auction sites showing pictures of all the cartridges spread out in a single layer. Somebody will get excited about something, and these kinds of “obsolete” or “grab bag” ammo lots can sell pretty well. Maybe list it as several lots?

Ray,you know what do with them :) :) :)…

Shovel them into the back of the Geo Metro and motor on over to Florida; then while you and the missus head down to Orlando to see Mickey and Shamoo, I can sort through and see what’s there.

Ray - better yet, you can bring them up to me! Then, you’ll be able to sing,
“I left more than my heart, in San Franciscoooo!”

Ray–I’ll take 50 lbs of them sight on seen as a pot-luck grab bag. Give me price. This is a serious offer.

I’d be interested in the larger calibers and oddball crap.

Make me an offer on color coded ammunition. I will take a chance with whatever is in the “grab bag”.