Miscellaneous Cutaways 1

Miscellaneous cutaways 1. Got some late entries, plus some that just don’t fit into one type of category. First of Two.
7.62x51 Armor Piercing FA/50
7.62x51 Tracer Brown tip, Green Trace
7.9 mm JAP Armor Piercing (was listed as 7.7 AP, but I think its a 7.9 AP)
30/40 Artillery Sub caliber FA/26
30/40 Gatling Blank, no head stamp (cut 2, only one survived. Powder was a solid mass!)
10.75x68 DWM/ 515A/ K
45-70 500gr Ball F/4/88 (Bennet Primed?)
8mm Lebel K/8mm/*, K on bottom of projectile


Keep those photos coming. I went to K Mart and bought a ream of copy paper and two new ink cartridges. I can print them out almost as fast as you can post them.

A couple of nit-picky notes.

#1 is an AP Light Rifle, Cal .30 T93E1. 140 grain flat based T6 bullet.

#2 is a 7.62mm NATO, Tracer M62

#7 is a M1881, 45-70-500 Rifle, solid head, boxer primed.


Nice work Kevin
I agree with you about your #3 that does look like a 7.9 bullet profile, for whatever that is worth…