Miscellaneous Cutaways 2

Miscellaneous Cutaways 2
First set of pictures:

4.6mm 89/SB-T spoon tip
6.35mm FA/59 Ball
.30 carbine LC/56
.30 carbine WRA/44
.30 carbine WRA/43 Dummy
.30 carbine RA/44 Tracer red tip

Second set:
.38 spl Navy Flare Purple(violet) tip, Anyone with nomenclature?
.38 spl Navy Flare green over red tip, MK140-0
32ACP? Solid Brass Machine Dummy
9 MAK? Solid Brass Machine Dummy
9mm THV, loading malfunction
223/5.56 tracer projectile from Peppers table at SLICS, no color tip


6.35mm FA/59 Ball = FAT 124