Miscellaneous Cutaways 3

Miscellaneous Cutaways 3, the last of my postings for awhile.
(Will post more when they are finished) Kevin

.45ACP Tunnel Rat W-W/45 AUTO
5.56x45 Commercial Brown Bear FMJ steel case
5.45x39 Short Range ?/89
7.62 NATO Dummy Blackened LC/69, silica inside case
.22 NATO WCC/56
.22 NATO Electric Primed WCC/54
7.62 NATO Short Range White Plastic DAG/ 71-2
30.06 M1917 Incendiary FA/18, Phosphorous replaced with hot glue
8mm Lebel WW1, RHA.co/2/1917, 90/100 Turned Brass, 8mm Model 1886 D

Very nice work!
Very informative!

Thank you for posting.


#4 = 7.62mm NATO, Dummy M172

#5 = Cal .22 for LR, 68 grain M1 Homologue

#6 = I have never seen an official description of this cartridge or the rifle it was intended to be fired in. Has anybody??

The Cal .22 for LR cartridges are often referred to as 22 NATO. Has anyone seen a carton, or anything else, that has such a designation?


I have two .22 boxes
One says:

“20 RDS.
Cal. .22”

& the other;


I have a .25 box and a .27 box, nothing about NATO on either of them.

& no nothing about the electric primed rifles.

I too have both boxes that Pete mentions (they might even have come from him?). Inside, is a Postit paper that’s is labeled:

the 20 RDS - Cal.22 says: “54 grain M2 Homologous, 2.65” cartridge weight 259.2gr, Magnetic (steel core?)"

The 20 caliber .22 loaded rounds, 68gr Sierra says: “M1 Homologous, 2.62” Cartridge weight 288gr, non magnetic"

Before cutting it, I looked up the Electric Primed cartridge on the world wide web, only had 2 postings, both from here. Someone else was asking the same question as you Ray. (It was probably you!)
Anyone have an extra one that’s willing to trade? This one wasn’t mine.

Both of these .22 rounds are back in my line up, as well as a .27gr Homologous. (bottom of box reads 66LM62) Will post when they finished.

Thanks Brian for the positive comments, always makes my day better.