Misleading Auction: 7.63mm Borchardt by Winchester

There is an auction that advertises:

Borchardt 7.63 M/M Cartridge .30 Cal Mauser

Borchardt 7.63 M/M Cartridge .30 Cal Mauser & Borchardt Pistol Ammo. Original boxes. 2 are WRA Ammo and one is mixed WRA & Remington UMC mixed. All are vintage early 1900’s Mfg. Price is for the lot of 3 boxes.

The buy now price is $650

The box style was actually introduced around the mid 1920s as best I can tell.This may be the date for one of the boxes, but not for the other two which are from well after the “early 1900s” and were not even made by Winchester. One is marked on the bottom line a “DIVISION OF WESTERN CARTRIDGE CO.” This reorganization occurred in December 1938. The box code indicates it was actually made by Western in 1948. The other is even later. The bottom line indicates “Division of Olin Industries” and this organization didn’t occur until 1944. This box was loaded at Western in October 1957, probably to finally use up boxes originally made in the 1920s, but the labels and ammunition was very close to the packaging date.

The description on these boxes is far from accurate.

Lew Curtis

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What auction, lot number?

I’m sure that they got their information from their in-house ammunition expert…or his brother-in-law’s-third-cousin’s-pharmacist’s-friend. What could be wrong with that?

Mel, It was on Gun Broker. I do not recall the item number, but a search for Borchardt ammunition should turn it up, or even 7.63 Mauser vintage ammunition.