Misprint ammo box 9x19


Nice misprint from Norinco (CHINA)
Are there collectors with more misprint boxes?


I haven’t seen any misprint boxes like this - you would think they would have thrown it away at the factory, rather than ship it out that way, although with automated boxing equipment, it may be one of those errors that is “uncatchable”, I just don’t know. However, I have at aleast a couple of boxes with spelling errors on them.

One is a military-style box, although it is commercial, from Arms Corporation of the Philippines. On the original printing, where it gives the quantity of the contents, the word “cartridges” is spelled “cartrides,” without the “g”. The same box shows the required warning as “Keep out of the reach of childrens” (note the word "childrens). A second printing repeated the error in spelling the word “cartridges” but covered it with a white stick-on label with the correct spelling. The word “childrens” was changed in the actual printing of the second box, to the correct “children.”

Another box is from China, and has at the top the word “SORDS” which puzzled at first. Then, it was clear that this should have read “50 RDS” indicating “50 Rounds” quantity in the box.

these boxes all have a yellow over-label in perfectly good English showing the ammunition to be made in Singapore, which it is not! this ammo was sold in the U.S. after the Chinese were disallowed the sale of pistol and rifle ammunition here. The headstamp of the ammo is “9x19 JE” evidently utilizing the Singapore date-code system. there is no question that the ammunition is Chinese, identical in all characteristics to ammo sold by Norinco with a different headstamp. Obviously meant to deceive U.S. Authorities about the national orogin of the ammo, trans-shipped thru Singapore, and probably over-labeled there.

There are probably other examples of errors on labels, but these two came to mind.


I once had a box of 25 Stevens Rimfire by USCCo where, on both ends, “powder” was spelled “powddr”…Randy


I have a box of Romanian 7.62x39mm that states the contents are H.P. (Hollow Point) when in actuality they are Soft Points. It appears that the Romanians never produced HP in this caliber, so it is not a case of the wrong ammo being placed the box. Does this count as a misprint?