Missile mania


The attached pics reflect the newest addition to the assemblage. Have searched far and wide and for a long time for ANY example of this particular model. FINALLY found not one, but TWO. (There are 3 more available) Plans are to craft an applicable launcher.
These items were manufactured back in the mid '60s for presentation and as desk models.
Additional pics to give an indication of their real size.


Dang those things look familiar! My 1st GQ station on Bainbridge was slapping fins on those birds! Later spent many hours guarding their nest. I have a picture of one leaving the nest but you see mostly fire and smoke!

That shot, as I recall, did more damage to us than the drone!


Back in the mid 1960s one of the old FRAM Destroyers in Mayport, Florida made up some dummy blue missiles that they put on their 5" loading machine which was located where the Mount 53 normally would have been on the fantail. They looked pretty neat, and probably gave the Russian recce aircraft something to puzzle over when encountered at sea.