MIssing E Journal 519

I have emailed several times about not recieving my E Journal No 519, but I have had no reply please can someone point in the correct direction of who to contact because I really would like it please.

many thanks

Send me an email at cartguy@torchlake.com
I will help you out with this.

Many thanks


To avoid a wrong impression, I would like to state that my emails on E-journal problems (2 instances over several years) were responded to without delay and action taken / useful hints given.

Well I really feel upset now, you are obviously liked more than me JPeelen :-)


I sometimes have issues with the webmaster emails getting to me. But typically we try to get back to people pretty quickly. Sorry if we missed you!

Same here - Matt got back to me very quickly yesterday with the issue that I was missing.

Please dont think I am unhappy with the service I get or am moaning about anyone, I have only every had 1 Journal not be emailed to me. I just didnt know who to contact directly. We get a great service from the IAA and all that help, We are very lucky to have such a good collectors group and all the knowledge that comes with it.


Don’t worry Richard - I don’t think anyone was thinking that.

I contacted Matt, who send out the emails. Aaron’s email is also listed. Fortunately, I had forgotten to delete that email after I had downloaded the journal.