Missing IAA "Cartridge Collector" Issue

In looking up an article I wrote on German 9 mm Gauges, I find I am missing the IAA (then ICCA) Journal, then named, I believe, “The Cartridge Collector,” Number 265, which should date from January 1978. Since I am also missing Number 266, February 1978, I believe this was the first issue that covered two months, number 265-266, Jan-Feb 1978.

If any one has a copy of this issue(s) if possible, I would like to get a copy of it, either electronically by scan, or a xerox copy mailed to me. I will defray all expenses involved.

It is not only important to me for the article in it that I wrote, but also because I have every issue of the ICCA/IAA Journals from the founding of the Organization until today.

Thanks for any help some can give me.

John Moss

John it’s on the CD & a copy of the issue will be sent to you next thing I do.
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John sent you a message

To all that replied, my sincerest thanks! I now have the printed out copies back in my library. Don’t know what in h–l I did with my originals. I certainly would have received them from the IAA at the time, since I had an article in the one. I would have noticed if I had not received it. thanks for bailing me out on this one, guys!!! :-)

John M.