Missing Jul-Aug 2019 E-Journal

Just received the Jul-Aug 2019 hard copy and realized I didn’t get the E-journal. Who is the POC to contact?



Hi Pat
Gary is the Membership Secretary, look his e-mail up the the magazine or a past e-journal.

Thanks Pete!

Interesting, I still do not have the e-journal. Should be #528 no?

Same for me, I still do not received the e-journal Jul-Aug 2019. But remeber they are volunteers. Some delay must accepted some times. I am looking foreward for the new E-Journal #528.

Thanks Richard

We are aware of this & are working to get them out.

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When I get back from holidays on Wednesday afternoon I will send out the email link. I don’t have the files with me. Thanks for your patience.

Dwight Jackson
Editor, IAA Journal

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Hello all. There was a problem with our mail server - Mailchimp where they changed policies about email lists being sent out, and today is my first chance to sit down again and resolve it at my work computer. Should get the E-journal out today.


Link was in my e-mail this AM. I see there is also a high-res copy (45 mb) along with the pervious high qualiyty version to download. So another choice for you.

Let Dwight know which you perfer.

To provide the journal in a high resolution version is a most excellent idea. Thank you very much.

Good evening to all

Belgium’s calling. Number 528 has arrived this afternoon, some minutes before 5 PM, GMT+1. As always, excellent piece of work!

Got my printed Journal on 07/16. waiting on e-journal, I call Matt Collins and he said they are having some server issues.
I am sure Matt and Arron are working on it. Those two people are a major asset to the IAA.

I received my e-journal yesterday, thanks a lot for the good job volunteers do!

Me too, Thanks Matt and Arron !!