Mix of experimental and test ammunition from Rheinmetall

I just saw these images in an auction in Germany.
I see some interesting test shots for APFSDS loads including the 1st type of the 140mm smooth bore tank gun and many others. Not all is made by Rheinmetall though!
Thought I copy the images here so they’ll get preserved.


Taken from here:


Here is that red ammunition, this is a Soviet-made training grenade for 2А28(БМП-1)
And there is also a whole bunch of ordinary (not experimental) things, not made in Germany.
At the bottom there are mostly remnants of sovetsky grenades РПГ/СПГ

I know :wink:

What I would do for one of those 140mm test slugs, quite the collection there!

Any ideas what the slide-hammer looking things are in picture #9??

No, I wondered about these too. Maybe tools or gauges?

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