Mixed 8x56R


I just got this batch of different 8x56R Mannlicher rounds. An interesting mix of headstamps and case finishes. I have never seen the single star headstamp before. Anyone know its significance or meaning?


I think your “single star” is the AH monogram.
AH (overlaid) Csepel Arsenal near Budapest, Hungary


Thanks, I do know the maker, I was referring to the meaning of the “single star” itself.



No idea.
The one I have from 1943 is without a star.



A Hungarian friend just told me these stars do also exist on 7.92x57.


The headstamp in question and others are shown in the link below but it appears no explanation is given for the missing asterisk in the headstamp:



P.S.- You could email JOSEF MÖTZ, he briefly discusses the production by Hirtenberg & exports to Hungary during WW2 in his book Austrian Military Cartridges, Vol. 1