Mixed Rifle Cutaways

The last for awhile, from left to right:
7.62x51 Dutch AP, B/64/A1
7.62x51 M276 Dim Tracer with 2 cannelures, LC/10 (So no one has seen this before?)
7.62x51 Ball WRA/58 (Was supposed to be AP, oh well)
8x56r AP/T green tip, x/A/X40
7.5x54 Heavy ball, 40/LM/LM/1
7.5x54 1929 ball mle, 3-59/M1/F/7.5
8x59 Italy AP white tip, SMI/942
7.5 Swiss GP11 D/7/A/77

Nice cutaways. Do you use diamond blades to cut through the AP cores?

I’m curious as to why the 3rd round (WRA 58) has a milled canellure around the bullet when it is very obviously a ball round.

Not allowed to say how I cut them, but they are all cut under water in order to cool everything and keep the dust down. Then a lot of sand paper from 120 to 1000 grit, makes a nice mirror finish.
The third round was sold to me as AP and had a black stained tip. Know idea why the second cannelure is there. Sorry can’t help.


Good question. That entire cartridge is phoney. Whether it is a dingbat or a fake, only the guy who made it can tell. With a WRA58 headstamp it would not have had a lead core (M80) bullet. If it was a Ball round it would have been an M59 (mild steel core). I doubt if the bullet is original to the case so there is no telling what it is with a 2nd cannelure.

Don’t be offended Kevin but, numbers 2 and 3 are 7.62MM NATO.

The 2-cannelure M276 was discussed on another thread.