Mk22 Hush-9mm ammunition

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with the Vietnam SEAL M39 9mm subsonic “hush-puppy” and/or it’s respective 9mm specialty ammunition?


I have this Canadian-made cartridge which I understand was for use in the Hush Puppy pistol although I was unaware of the ‘Mk22’ designation; hope this helps.

There is also a similar black tip load dated 68. My green tip load had a more true green tip and less lime green than the one shown.

The rounds came packed with a suppressor and with dark plastic chamber plugs with an O-ring seal around the middle and a little plastic muzzle cap as I recall.



Excellent posting gents, thanks; I have seen the Mk22 kit. The kits houses the internal baffling, water proofing material for barrel and suppressor and the subsonic 9mm cartridges, truly super rare.