MK6 3 inch wood practice dummy

I was wandering around a flea market and saw this wood practice dummy. For some unknown reason I already have a MK6 3 inch practice dummy with a wooden covered case and bullet. I’ve also seen dummies with wooden covered cases and what I thought were solid metal projectiles. This one has a wooden covered case and a metal projectile. the projectile is hollow and appears to be threaded for a fuse. There were no markings on the case or base. Did all the metal projectiles versions have a “fuse” screwed into the tip. Is this a WWII era item.

Not my thing so please forgive my ignorance.

mk6 blt
mk6 base


Not my thing either Paul, but my example has a solid pointed bullet, (and also has the cannelure above the case mouth) I’d think this should have an inert or drill fuze installed to function properly.

There was several variants of these US 3”/50 dummies made, some with solid 1 piece projectiles, some with almost complete wood construction or like the one you found it would have had a Mk22 dummy fuze. Here’s a few variants and a closeup of the fuze on one. Source of the pics was just a quick search on google.



These seem to be rather prolific. Was the wood construction simply an effort to conserve strategic materials or was it to reduce wear on the weapons?

Are there similar examples in other calibers? I seem to recall 5" or 6" caliber wooden representations of the powder charge/case.

The partially wooden 5"/38 powder charge dummies were made for use in “loading machine drills” where they only needed to simulate the weight and shape, and have a sturdy rim to trip the breechblock extractors to cycle the action. The drill developed teamwork between the various gun mount personnel, built strength and stamina and allowed lots of training for new people without any need for expensive live ammunition or firing ranges.
They also made 6"/47 dummies of a similar pattern, but I am not sure if they had loading machine drills.

I have a few, along with other drill items. Some of the wood items are a little more delicate than their steel or brass counterparts, so for the most part they are scattered about the second floor in dark corners where they are less likely to be damaged. It also means that you have to go hunting to find them… Here are the easiest to locate.


I have a 6" wooden drill like your 5" in the last photo.
Would this also be for loading hoist drill? I like your photos as usual.

In practice I believe that they were used for all types of drill, movement, loading, storage, etc. Many of them have seen extensive use by the time they are scrapped and become available, finding nice ones can be difficult.

Thanks. Lucky mine is in nearly new condition.

Japanese version of the 3 inch Drill/Dummy, photos from


Weight is listed as 9.8kg or 21.6 pounds.


Images from past GunBroker auction, US Army 3 inch WW2 crates:

4 inch Dummy Drill, MK3 50 Cal. US Navy, 1944. Total length is 49.5 inches or 1257mm.

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Here’s my 3 inch MK6 with container.

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You have some interesting 22 boxes next to your MK6.


Another I’m not sure has been shown
Not much of a headstamp just three poor stamps.
About 46 inches tall, steel base.


A similar one in steel with its container. On its way to look for a new home…


Unfortunately I’m falling behind on registering my .22 boxes. Everything should be scanned and put into the registry before going on the shelf. With work issues, ordnance issues (ordnance must be stripped, cleared, photographed and entered into database before going on shelf) and life as normal issues, I’m about 100 .22 boxes behind at the moment, with them stacked on the floor awaiting my attention. This also means that when I see a box at a show, unless it is a brand new box that I’m certain I don’t have, I can’t buy it or else before you know it I have 4 -

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on the last picture of “dummy” ,the round is in one piece ? or it a “regular” case fitted with a beltless projectile ?

and nice collection of 22’s boxes

The projectile and case are seamless, one piece, but the case head is separate and screws on.

Some nice new boxes, but far from the collection - something over 3500 .22 boxes. Not nearly the size of some collections, but we are a little more spread out than just the .22 boxes.

For those folks coming in to the Great Lakes Show from out of town and staying in the area Friday night, we will be having an open house at the Bombatorium that evening. Free pizza and the nickel tour for those who have the interest.

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thank for your response
i think the weight of this dummy is match the service round weight ?

the collection of 22’s boxes is huge
do you had cans of 22’s ?