MMC (Maximum Major Caliber) .45 ACP w/white plastic tip

I got this single round at a show and went to knowing how well documented their .45ACP section was. To my great amazement, they don’t show a round like this. Is there anything special about this plastic tip or it is so common that nobody bothered to submit a picture? Headstamp is “W-W 45 AUTO”.

Hi Vlad, this is a MMC (Maximum Major Caliber) 100 grain loading by Personal Protection Systems. This is an advertisement published in 1987:



Thanks, Fede. It says “Nylon tip feeds better than ball”. Why? The tip has some kind of a (probably) fragmentation platform which looks rough. Why would it work better than a smooth almost round ogive of regular .45ACP?

The nylon tip is usually black and not white as far as I’ve seen. I think where they say that nylon tips feeds better than standard ball, they are just exaggerating. It probably works the same.