Moderators: Want List Forum?


Would it be possible to have a forum or sticky for us to post Want Lists? I know the B/S/T Forum could be used for that, but it would be easier to have a single spot that remains at the top, a place we could all find and peruse easily.
Please delete if this isn’t possible.


Good suggestion.


I like the idea but limit it to only few items or like the BST it gets too long to go through. Vic


Want lists from IAA members (membership has its privileges!) are welcome to be posted on the Buy-Sell-Trade forum. (Same idea as the wanted lists which appear in the classified ads in the Journal)

We will not “sticky” them, but they will just fall down the list as new items are posted and eventually turn into recycled digits. But, you are free to post a new list.


OK, I will start a Want List thread on the B/S/T Forum and we’ll see how it goes. Might be a nice way to help each other better than a specific posting to Buy. If we keep it towards the top, and keep our lists up to date it might be a real benefit.